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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 3, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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of the most significant conferences in 65 years. >> anyway, thank you for joining us here. we've got complete coverage about what the president said this morning coming up next on "america's newsroom". bill: good morning. breaking news on two major stories today. we'll hear from the president minutes from now. the president vowing justice for a second journalist behead by an isis terrorist. what will vladimir putin do in the ukraine? i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. heather: i'm heather childers in
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for martha maccallum. president condemning the brutal execution of steven sotloff, calling it barbaric. but there are questions whether he nailed down a strategy to fight these terrorists. bill: ed henry traveling with the president from estonia. the president used strong language with regard to these islamic terrorists then steamed alter the lang tbhaijt next answer. what did he say? >> reporter: he started out strong saying this was barbaric and confirmed the videotape is authentic and the second american journalist behead in such a gruesome fashion. as was pressed about strategy this was all about the president trying to clean up last thursday's press conference where he said there was no strategy in isis. now you have white house aides
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trying to clarify the president's clarification because he gave two vastly different answers. >> our objective is clear to degrade and destroy isil that's a threat to not just iraq but also to the region and the united states. we can continue to shrink isil's sphere of influence, it's effectiveness, its military capabilities to the point where it is a manageable problem. >> reporter: white house aide telling me what he's saying is it's a two-step process and ultimately he wants to destroy isis. in the meantime wants to manage this threat. realized it's going to take a long time to get to a point where you destroy isis. the source i use is my own ears. what the president said was two
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different things. if you are going to destroy a tear yoorp group they won't be around as a problem to manage. here is the president trying to clean up last week and now raying more questions about what he's going to doing. bill: he's making a speech in a moment. if there are comments relevant to this topic or the ukraine we'll bring it to you live. there seems to be a didn't approach from when david cameron talked about this monday. >> reporter: it's not like david cameron is doing anything specifically that different. he's not authorizing british airstrikes. he's waiting for the americans as well. but this comments have been point and direct saying we have got to smopter this threat from isis and not manage -- saying e
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got to smother isis or manage isis. >> are we going to manage isis or destroy isis. our president should be doing what david cameron is doing. >> reporter: david cameron saying directly is * needs to be squeeze out of the existence. different from what we heard from the president. bill: what do we think we know about this ceasefire between ukraine and moscow. seems maybe it did or did not happen. what do we know? >> reporter: very conflicting statements. coming out of ukraine. russians saying we are not on board with that. now the ukrainians saying there isn't a ceasefire. the president is here in is stone yeah. here is estonia.
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the at lies wants to stand up -- the allies want to stand up for estonia if they attack. 4,000 nato troops will respond to russian aggression if they need to. but vladimir putin has been laughing off the pushback from the nato allies. it was leaked that vladimir putin said if i want to take kiev in two weeks i will. vladimir putin is still marching forward and it's a huge, huge threat as the president tries to deal with isis. chris, good morning to you. i want to show you the cover of the new york daily news. here is the headline. do you have a strategy now, mr. president. do we? >> reporter: there is a
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strategy but it's not one the present feels comfortable telling the american people. that should be the most alarming thing about this phase of this long war is the president does not feel comfortable with the contradictory back and forth statement making sure to water it down. there is a strategy, it's just not one the president feels okay talking to the american people about. that's problematic because when he says things like manageable. americans don't think about beheading islamic militants, they do not think about that in manageability. how can we manage the beheading? can we reduce the' beheading and reduce the number of people they stone to death? no, they think in terms of squeezing them out of existence, destroying them, crushing them. pill * news came out from the white house that 350 troops will grow to iraq to protect the u.s.
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embassy and american interests. but it stressed, no combat. you have a commander-in-chief who did not want to be a war time president. what do you do and how do you react when the war comes to you? >> reporter: the president has been dragged by his nose into several conflicts. syria partially. libya mostly, afghanistan a good deal. in each case he's been dragged belatedly into the fray and when he finally does get involved he doesn't sell it he's not an enthusiast for u.s. victory. what he is is an apologist for american intervention. there are more troops that go into a war zone but they are not there to fight a war. it's contradictory but it's indicative of a president who find the world situation does not comport with the' reality
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that elected them the first and the second time. next stop is wales where we are told they are work on this international coalition. how much of you know that coalition is together today. >> reporter: it doesn't sound like prime minister cameron and president obama are on the the same page. that is a huge problem because nato is a lot of things but it is mostly the united states and britain. so that relationship and their ability to get past the different approach they have both unabashedly publicly stated, it's going to take some doing to get past that and on to
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the next thing. the president is hung up on what is the authorization of force to take dramatic steps. but i don't think he wants congress to present him with the authority because that would deprive him of an excuse for further full anfurther fulminat. bill: let's drop into the president's speech in estonia. >> people across this content forged a european union dedicated to cooperation and peace. we made historic progress toward the vision we share. a europe that is whole and free and at peace. and yet as we gather here today, we know that this vision is
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threatened by russia's aggression against ukraine. it is a brazen assault on the territorial integrity of ukraine. a sovereign and independent european nation. it challenges that most basic of principles of our international system. that borders cannot be redrawn at the barrel of a gun. that nations have the right to determine their own future. it under mines an international order where the rights of peoples and nations are upheld and can't simply be taken away by brute force. this is what's at stake in ukraine. this is why we stand with the people of ukraine today.
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[applause] let's put to rest once and for all the distortions or outdated thinking that has caused this crisis. our nato alliance is not aimed against any other nation. we are in an alliance of democracies dedicated to our own collective defense. countries like estonia and latvia and lithuania are not post soviet territory. they are sovereign nations. no other nation gets to veto your security decisions. bill: that's a critical line directed to vladimir putin. no other nation gets a veto over your security. overnight there was talking about a ceasefire, about talks between kiev and moscow.
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the response from putin is we are not responsibility for accepting this because we are not responsible. that is the primary reason the president is there today. with regard to syria and isis that will be taken up later this week. heather: coming up, the masked terrorist in the latest beheading video openly taunting the president and the american people. calling out the president by name. karl rove and whether the u.s. is doing enough to fight the danger from the dangerous terror group. bill: mother nature put on a spectacular show in iceland. why that could have an effect on air traffic. plus there is this.
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bill: 16 minutes past the hour. president obama promising there will be justice after a second american is beheaded by islamic
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terrorists. here is charles krauthammer on this latest threat. >> this is an open challenge to the united states and obama and he hasn't begun to rise to the occasion. when the first beheading happened he made a speech, then he went off and played golf. his default is to talk about allies and talk about standing with our partners. if he's working on a coalition that's wonderful. but the fact is a coalition will not create itself. it only creates itself behind the united states. that was the lesson of the gulf war, it's the lesson of all of our involvement. bill: krauthammer last night. karl rove this morning. chief of staff to president george w. bush. two beheading posted on the internet. he has not begun to rights to
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the occasion. what do you think? >> i think he's right. there are two issues. one is the president's response to these horrific acts of violence which the immediate response is a rhetorical one which is what we expected. in a moment like this we expect to hear with moral clarity from the president where america stands and what america is a going to do. let many put it in a broader frame. these beheadings are an expression of the violence and barbarickity of isis. he should have been acting after isis explode into northwestern iraq in early june and he still does not have a strategy. he should have anticipated this give what we knew about this threat a year ago. he should have had a strategy three years ago when he said assad must go and then allowed
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isis to gain strength and territory inside syria. the president has been behind the 8-ball not just last couple weeks. but he's been behind the 8-ball for a much longer time frame, looking a cohernlt strategy. bill: the new york daily news puts it "do you have a strategy now, mr. president?" he says i'm back obama because of your arrogant foreign policy towards the islamic state. because of yoirn is tense to continue your bombing. just as your missiles continue to strike our people our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people. he did not want to be a war time president. what happens when the world changes and at war comes to you. what does he do now? >> i'm not aware of any president who ever wanted to be a war time president.
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yet this awesome and horrible responsibility has been thrust on to men from james madison to abraham lincoln to woodrow wilson to franklin roosevelt, to all the cold war presidents who were in he sense fighting a long cold war. to george hw bush to clinton and george w. bush on 9/11. this is a responsibility a president must be willing and able to shoulder. the problem with this president was evident in the speech he made in purchase new york last friday. there was no script. and what he said is the world has always been a messy place. saying this is ordinary and this is just normal. there was an interesting pew charitable trust poll in late august. 65% of americans think the world is a more dangerous place.
6:21 am
27% think it hasn't changed that much. they think what they are seeing in iraq, ukraine and libya and afghanistan and elsewhere around the world is a much dangerous, much more threatening world than they have seen in the past. and the president doesn't seem to be up to dealing with it. bill: 350 more americans are have been authorized to go into iraq and protect the u.s. embassy. you see this number continue to pick up by the week. not by the day but by the week. though they stress no combat troops, these troops are not used to fight a battle. you put that with what the white house put out about trying to gather some sort of international team or develop a broad based international coalition. apparently that evident will begin later in the week when the president goes to wales. david cameron is your guy. i don't know what these guys are
6:22 am
talking about with each other but they do not appear to be knead the same direction. >> america must lead by example. we don't want combat rooms. but when need a robust commit to the training and aiding and helping lead the iraqi military effort. that means not 350 more people to guard the embassy in baghdad. it means several thousand people to be trainers and planners and logistical assistance and intelligence operations to target america's i are power and military might better and to help the iraqis and the kurpds do a better job of -- and the kurds do a better job of being the boots on the ground.
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heather: combating the high cost of health insurance. one trip to the emergency room can cost one family thousands. how do you know if you are being charged correctly? reporter: i think many viewers will be able to relate to this story. it's the story after huge medical bill fear minor medical problem. it appears in today's "wall street journal." he has a son, 3 years old. falls off his scooter, he gets a bruise. the bruise swells. they take him to the emergency room, gets a ct scan.
6:27 am
he runs out of the emergency room. then he gets a bill for $20,000. only because he's a doctor can he prowl through the services to get the $110,000 taken off. obamacare does not reduce the cost of medical insurance and it does not reduce the bureaucracy. that's what the doctor had to wade through to get the trauma activation team off the bill. still for the bruise the doctor had to pay $10,000. heather: do your preparation and as this doctor said or this person said, unleash the hound and be prepared. >> reporter: you have got to have the time, the knowledge and guts to do that to plow through
6:28 am
bureaucracy and get some justice. bill: another data breach being investigated at home depot. heather: calls for justice after the second brutal murder an american journalist as president obama promised the american obama promised the american people will not be bullied. >> the prayers of the american people are with the family of steven sotloff. he was taken from us in a horrific act of violence. with a soft duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong is 4 times stronger. and you can use up to 4x less. charmin ultra strong.
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heather: a fox news alert. president obama speaking after the beheading of a second american journalist at the hand of islamic terrorists saying the white house verified the authenticity of a video showing the gruesome execution of steven
6:32 am
sotloff. president obama promising that he will not be bullied. listen. >> whatever these murderers think they will achieve by killing innocent americans like steven they have already failed. they failed because like people around the world, americans are repulses by their barbarism. their horrific acts only unite us and stiffen our resolve to take the fight against these terrorists. heather: he went on to say we'll not forget and have a long arm. kt macfarland, a fox news analyst. >> i didn't think so. heather: did you think it's just rhetoric? >> president obama's policy is don't no stupid stuff.
6:33 am
but that doesn't mean you don't do some stuff. he's talking about isis relief and justice and bringing to justice those who behead our american citizens. what about the homeland? david cameron, everybody respected the british. he when he went out friday to say we have a threat to our hold and we are going to look for the bad guys and seize passports. he talked about protect can the british isles. president obama isn't talking about secure be the southern borders or going after potentially the returning jihadists fighting in syria and iraq or coming back to the united states. he only talked in vague terms about the world is repulsed, the ho do ba do barbarous acts.nst
6:34 am
heather: the reason he said we had no strategy he says was because he was referencing military action in syria and the need to wait for congressional policy. >> i think the no strategy was specifically about that but it points to a bigger issue to "i don't have a strategy" because there doesn't appear to be one. arm the kurds. they are the only people willing to fight isis in the region. so far he has talked about arming the kurd. the germans have but we haven't. he talked about a coalition, but let's build it. go around to the moderate sunni arab 80s like saudi arabia. he hasn't done any of that. he has bombed and continued to bomb any convoy of isis on its
6:35 am
way to kurd and, lebanon or jordan and continues to bomb them but there is none of this other more comprehensive strategy. heather: nothing in syria where they have a safe haven. the king of saudi arabia warned about the threat of isis coming to america saying it's a real possibility if this coalition wasn't put together seriously. the saudis have a vested interest in getting us to fight, why? because historically they have not fought. they have a big pair force but they don't take up arms. they expect to us do it for them. that's why i think when the president is talking about a u.s. coalition, it's not u.s. boots on the ground. we can bomb them and do those activities. in the end it's the people in the region who speak the language.
6:36 am
they have to join the fight. we cannot fight it for them as we have seen in afghanistan, walk and vietnam. >> taking it back here to the home front. why do you think president obama will not address that issue as david cameron did for great britain. would not be admitting defeat when he talked about al qaeda going on the run, terrorists being on the run? does that admit that none much that is true and we face this same exact fear and threat that we did for 9/11? >> i think that's probably part of it. president obama's claim to fame is we got usama bin laden. and al qaeda is on the roams. but there is a new al qaeda. al-baghdadi has said. >> "see you in new york." we know there are thousands of european passport holders who
6:37 am
can enter the united states without a visa. >> there are americans who have died who are fighting for isis. >> and americans citizens gone over to fight, come back to america, gone back to fight and die again. secure that southern border. there is no excuse for a southern border where we have no idea who is coming into the united states. stop the political correctness where what he stop some grandmother on her way to disney world with her grandchildren and we treat her the same as we do to young male who is coming back from the region where isis is fighting. when we treat everybody the same, we are focusing on nobody. heather: thank you for your insight as always. we appreciate wh appreciate it. bill: there is an investigation into a possible security breach pat home depot.
6:38 am
a huge batch of stolen credit card numbers went on the black market yesterday and the home improvement store could be the source. several banks say they believe the breach may have started in late april or early may. we are work on more for you on that story. heather: president and his strategy for isis. what is his plan for dealing with these brutal terrorists. bill: police looking for teenagers who busted out of their detention facility and how many are still on the run today. >> any time a crime is committed or an escape occurs, the quicker the notification to law enforcement the quicker resources can be deployed to min niets the situation. (male announcer) it's happening.
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but parallel parking isn't one you do a lof them.ings great. you're either too far from the curb. or too close to other cars... it's just a matter of time until you rip some guy's bumper off. so, here are your choices: take the bus. or get liberty mutual insurance. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. call liberty mutual insurance. bill: the airport la guardia recorded 3 bird strikes on three different planes coming in for a
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landing at la guardia between 7:18 and 8:45 a.m. all three arrivals said to be on runway 31. the pilots reported a bird strike on the final approach. no injuries, no damage to the planes. two delta flight and one express jet owned by sky west. you remember the sully case at la guardia and jfk. they have a system in place to scairp away the bird that fly over the water. everything is cool and everything is okay but concern after three bird strikes within an hour and a half at la guardia reported earlier today. pressure mounting on the white house to couple with a strategy to deal with isis.
6:43 am
the president taking heat when he said this. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. i think what i have seen in some of the news reports suggests that folks are getting a little further ahead of what where we are at than we currently are. bill: this morning estonia he was asked a couple times for a bit more of an explanation what that comment from last thursday was all about. >> last week when this question was asked i was specifically referring to the possibility of the military strategy inside of syria that might require congressional approval. bill: where are we now on that? is that any more clarification. alan colmes and brad blakeman. good morning to both of you. we saw the president talk about
6:44 am
ukraine earlier in this hour. but specifically on isis. where are they? what are they put together, how much work do they still need to do, and did any of these comments from earlier today suggest to you that there either is retribution about to happen? i think the american people, they see this stuff twice in 14 days and they are pissed off and they are ticked off and they want someone to channel that's emotion and energy. >> i think the american people are being mislead by pundits on the media. as tom coal pointed out of course he has a strategy, it's airmen, working with our allies. it's a whole bunch of things. he hasn't said specifically what he's going to do fan he did you would have the same critics saying why is he signaling to everybody what he's going to do.
6:45 am
he went into amerli and stopped the 2-month siege and saved 2,000 turkmen. when went into somalia and went after al-shabab, the terrorists who did the mall attack last year. we have drone strikes over syria doing surveillance. bill: i haven't heard about a strike in syria. >> surveillance, not a strike. bill: brad, are you satisfied with the reaction so far? >> no, i'm not. it on gets worse. last week he didn't have a strategy and today in estonia we got a glimpse of what his strategy is. he said we'll manage isis. we should be forming a coalition of the willing in europe and elsewhere and especially in the middle east to contain -- not to contain this problem, to
6:46 am
eradicate a this problem. his rhetoric doesn't match his action. his rhetoric is what you would expect from a president, outrage. but outrage alone will not save the day. bill: address alan's point. there have been 12 some strikes in iraq since 3 weeks ago. >> this is a whack a ball strategy. the president retreated from iraq. that was his strategy, that's what he ran on and that's what we got. any ounce of common sense will tell you when a vacuum is created bad things happen. >> we get out of iraq because we could not get a security agreement. george bush couldn't get it. it could not be gotten. they didn't want us there, brad. >> you have to work to get the agreement. you have to actually put in the time to do it. >> they didn't want to us stay.
6:47 am
bill: the president weren't on to say earlier today the united states will continue to lead a regional and international effort against this kind of barbaric and ultimately empty vision that isil represents. take those word and address this. what are we doing to forge that coalition? >> how do you know that? >> where is the coalition? where is the president meeting with our allies. >> in front of you? how do you know the president is not building a coalition? >> the president said himself i don't have a strategy. we know what the president does all day, and we have his schedule. we know he's not meeting face to face with leaders. we know he's not working the phones. >> do you know he's not getting on the phones with other leaders and building a coalition. bill: gentlemen, cool down a moment, we want our viewers the
6:48 am
take in all thoughts and it's hard to get it all when you are talking over each other. here is brit hume's assessment of what he believes the president is lee acting to on a week to week or day-to-day basis. >> this is a man who seems not to know what to do next, the result is the forces around the world who would like to advance when uncle sam isn't active in the world, they are taking advantage. bill: he seems not to know what to do next. >> i don't know how people like brad or others critical of the president know what he is or is not doing behind the scenes and he's not building a coalition. george will said the other day that he's glad the president is cautious, that there are six other countries in the neighborhood, if they won't go in, we shouldn't. why is it our responsibility to be the policemen of the world. saudi arabia have the
6:49 am
capability. it's their neighborhood. >> the president is allowing really bad things to happen because of our inaction or his inability to form the proper coalitions and to lead. america is in the position. fortunately or unfortunately to lead the world. when we don't take that position, bad things happen. bill: that's what hu merk -- the was saying. we have spa president who didn't want to be a war time president. he wanted us out of iraq and afghanistan. now we are slowly going back into iraq and i'm sure he's not comfort and with that position. what happens when the war comes to you. what do you do? we are about to find out. >> you better step up to the plate. the president of the united states is suppose nod prevent bad things from happening, not on respond to them. the president's first
6:50 am
responsibility is to protect the american people. bill: alan, what do you do? >> you stay vigilant. the fear mongering going on saying they are coming to the homeland. we have to stop scaring people. bill: brad and alan thank you. david cameron has a lot of concern if you consider the hundreds if not thousands of fighters who left england and joined that fight in syria and iraq. heather: still to come. snuffing out the smokes. the nation's second largest drug store taking a landmark stance on tobacco. plus there is this. a massive tornado touches down in one part of the country now pricing for more.
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bill: cvs is no longer selling tobacco products. they say selling cigarettes conflicts with its healthcare mission. the company is launching a campaign to help smokers quit. that's move health experts hope other retailers will follow. heather: a labor day tornado touching down in southern kansas. the line of storms ripping through the area with heavy rains and hail and more could be on the way.
6:55 am
maria molina is live in our extreme weather center with the latest on this. >> reporter: incredible video coming out of kansas with a busy severe weather day. we had two confirmed tornadoes in kansas and four in the state of michigan. it continued to move eastward and produced strong to severe storms across portions of the east. it didn't turn out to be as pad as eight was on labor day. i want to take to you parts of the upper midwest. this area today will be seeing the possibility for more severe storms and that potential for tornado is in place today. so states like north dakota, minnesota and into wisconsin, including also the u. of michigan, you could be looking as the large hail, damaging winds and tornado later today and tonight. as we head into tomorrow the same storm system has the increed glents place for the possible severe weather and we could be look at more severe
6:56 am
storms in the u.p. of michigan and wisconsin. we are in the peak of hurricane season and we have dolly which has been downgraded to a tropical depression and produced rip currents across the coast of southern texas. producing heavy rain in new mexico. another storm system in the eastern pacific, tropical storm for bettetropical stormnorbert. bill: word matter. what did the president say today that tells us how america will respond to terrorists. dana perino know about word. the former press secretary is our guest live.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
journalist, steven sotloff. good morning to you at home. heather, hello to you. heather: good morning. president obama speaking in estonia ahead of the nato summit in wales promising justice for sotloff, but offering no specifics on exactly how the justice will be served. joining us from washington. what are we learning this morning? >> we had a statement for the national security council confirming the authenticity of the tape. issued by national security council, more evidence of how heavily controlled the messages from the white house on the execution of the american journalist. an hour from now at the brookingbrookings institution in washington, d.c., this they do here for top counterterrorism, charged of allies the threat domestically for the terrorist
7:01 am
groups and he will simply take questions on the execution of the american journalists and what is a bit play is in syria. the group is already under pressure. >> if i was a isil terrorist outfit america's fighting me very hard. >> head of the national terrorism, release at his own decision later this fall, but on the terrorism issue, what he said about isis will carry a lot of weight. heather: we're hearing that
7:02 am
could have been by accident. how could that be the case? >> we heard from social media that they indicated to me the video was posted before it was officially expected on a used website by isis and chatter amongst known isis leaders if you will on twitter there had been some type of a stir. institute was able to infiltrate into a tight circle and this is how they obtained the video so quickly before it was posted. has the effect of burning it. the pattern we have seen last
7:03 am
couple of weeks is a twitter user posting a video moving on to another account to wrap to mask their identity. bill: former white house press secretary george w. bush. you know about words and how words matter, the president's words earlier today, will take time to roll them back, our reach is long and justice will be served has quite a contrast to your former boss who said these are evildoers. we will smoke them out. seemed to channel the energy and emotion of the country's saying we're ticked off and we will not stand for this. 14 days, two americans, posted
7:04 am
on the internet for the entire world to see. >> he said it was dark when you have an audience member of the press at the press conference on one hand the president said we're going to have justice will be done but other hand said isis will be degraded. both can be true, but the president is a victim of his own happy talk. is a columnist for "the washington post" to says the language is worrying americans more, if they saw the president more worried than they were, they could relax little bit. trying to repair america for more beheadings.
7:05 am
years from now when he writes his memoirs will we finally kn know. how would you feel as a president knowing one journalist is killed, beheaded in a barbaric way, you speak and they use that language of yours as an excuse to behead another journalist with mark and additional hostages. a lot of mixed emotions president obama is probably feeling, what he is saying is not providing the confidence needed to win the war. >> we know that if we are joined by the international community we can continue to shrink the spear of influence, effectiveness and financing, it's military abilities
7:06 am
three-point reason manageable problem. >> the president went out and talk about bruce springsteen and talk about the technology capabilities in estonia and how he should have consulted estonians before launching so when you are on staff you as a communicator, they go backstage? >> the president had pretty clear way of communicating. radical muslims, but sometimes rubs people the wrong way. member with his it "bring it on"?
7:07 am
for me it is very clarifying. i understood the resolve. i don't know what they are thinking, communication seems to get too much criticism. it is not set by white house communications. the president has multiple audiences. he has our allies, they sound tougher, people left to underbid in the long form, for the press getting tired of the story, hopefully will not see another beheading for a while, it won't
7:08 am
respond for a couple of things, what situations, specific information from the president's daily brief, what did he know and the president has a third of his term left, he is not done. the position he will leav be tht president in protecting america. heather: we want to know the president is feeling, we want him to be stronger, america has been married to president obama for over six years. president obama is not going to change, not going to use the language he wants to use. he will not do it convincingly.
7:09 am
bill: how long can you do that? heather: after the redline comments in syria has led to a point where actually we will have to take action. we have spent a lot, investing a lot, they're trained to do this kind of work. i understand all that, we will not have 100,000 boots on the ground, but after spending 350 people to secure the embassy not in combat, he tells isis they are winning. bill: which was a message last night. no combat. see you at 5:00, okay? heather: ukraine announcing an agreement for a truce with russia and russian endorsing the deal but insisting it is not involved in the fighting.
7:10 am
president obama saying a cease-fire could work only if moscow stops pretending it is not involved. washington correspondent live at the state department. russians have denied sending military forces into ukraine, president obama addressed those denials today. >> these troops operating inside ukraine's borders are russian combat forces with russian weapons in russian tanks. the toll this conflict is taking is becoming increasingly visible to the naked eye in places like internet, to refund now warning the economy, the shrinking 7%. he warned of the involvements. >> that contradicts the fact from the ground and what we have seen, as they had spoken to.
7:11 am
>> the russian defense ministry, they were online when they said we don't have anyone? >> i think the facts are the facts. >> they do not call deployment innovation but rather an armed incursion. heather: what about the plan from president putin? this seems unclear as to whether anybody has signed onto it. >> coming on that president putin making a trip to mongolia. a seven-point plan on the plane ride over. it has not got the authority to clinch one. resin allies are readying fresh sanctions to change course, the state department recently about another plausible scenario.
7:12 am
>> shouldn't it be prepared to acknowledge there may in fact be no set of economic sanctions that can be imposed to deter mr. putin from his present course? >> i think we have to see what options are ineffective, what more we can do not just the united states but the european community. >> one set of sanctions off the table moved from hosting the world cup. bill: so james in washington, talking to henry in estonia about what to do. they are jul geographically anda much more dire situation base on a location in the world. president obama has a regional strategy to deal with isis, how does america respond now and what steps should come next? heather: a years worth
7:13 am
apparently ignored by this white house. >> for me it is entirely possible to get other intelligence to pay no attention to it. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country,
7:14 am
people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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7:16 am
heather: fosters was first report information was in the briefing for more than a year so why did those warnings seem to go ignored? john bolton say it is because
7:17 am
the president does not see national security as a top priority. >> and i have a feeling the president simply wasn't paying attention for threats in the region, but a whole variety of threats. isn't that interested in national security, don't think it is a priority for him. heather: steve hayes, fox news for bea peter joins us now. do you agree with the ambassador, while the presence not consider it a top priority, is he just not interested in? >> i don't think we have to trust investor bolton judgment. when he talked about returning to the united states, nationbuilding here at home, turning inward. he showed it to the world. the chaos and crises around the
7:18 am
globe we're seeing today. heather: what about these briefings? have you heard anything about different military advisors were telling us off the record the president was advised in the daily briefings for at least the past year, and act mike rogers on "fox news sunday" when so far as to say there were military plans presented to the president as far back as 2011 to deal with this. >> a closely guarded secret, but it is totally consistent with everything i have been told by intelligence personnel. the united states had plans to deal with isis four months if not longer going back to the civil war and the president of the united states has not asked for those names. they can include economic,
7:19 am
political, they have been working on for some time the president hasn't asked for something extra. heather: a new poll that shows "usa today" as well, how people feel about the president's role play comes to form policy, is the tough enough? they say no, he is not. take a listen to something else when it comes to awakening the sleeping giant. >> american military at the moment is a sleeping giant, so is america public in terms of public opinion for conflict and war. isis may get some propaganda points, these idiot crises. it may awaken the sleeping gia
7:20 am
giant. heather: do you think it is a possibility? >> yes, think it is happening. what has been interesting on and antidotal level the past several weeks talking to friends and acquaintances of mine, we are not particularly political. certainly are not necessarily self identified as conservatives or liberals but have a sense of alarm of what they see on the nightly newscast and the newspapers. united states has lost control, our ability to shake out comes to influence events overseas is on the wane because president obama has failed to lead. something you mentioned and several of the polls mentioned also. heather: thank you. bill: change of course after this line in the sand last week.
7:21 am
president obama: i'm going to do what i can to make sure the system works better. bill: what is driving the president's decision-making today? is it policy or politics? and the third american contracting that you bowl of west africa. dramatically different from the previous u.s. it shows no signs of slowing down. >> we know how to stop ebola, the challenge is to scale it up to the massive levels needed to stop this outbreak.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
heather: two people are hurt, one seriously of a pickup truck slammed into the side of the cartridge rather overturned on a highway in tennessee.
7:25 am
the driver of the semi fell asleep at the wheel and hit a guardrail flipping over his regularly yesterday morning. the pickup driver did not see it in the dark and crashed, the second in a week involving a semi-on the same stretch of ro road. bill: north carolina missionary group announcing another doctor has contracted for ebola virus in west africa and the details on this case are disturbing. live in atlanta with the centers for disease control's headquarters is at. how did the starter come down with ebola? >> the circumstances of this case are different than the circumstance of the two other american missionaries who became infected earlier this summer. in the earlier cases, dr. brent bradley and nancy had been working in the ebola clinic when
7:26 am
they became sick and were taken to the u.s. for treatment as you see in this video. but the latest ebola case involves an american doctor not working in ebola unit. the source of the specific infection is under investigation, the director of the center for disease control and prevention explains there is a general rest when ebola symptoms are mistaken for something else. >> the biggest risk has not been in the ebola fitment, it has been in the general health care systems because ebola in these countries doesn't look very different from a disease like malaria or typhoid or when a storstar that has similar sympt. >> so the doctor says it is very important for hospitals to treat any patient who might have ebola as they would with a confirmed
7:27 am
active ebola infection to separate them. tuse precautions when treating any patient. bill: how is he doing? >> in this recent case a estimae the doctor realized he had symptoms, he isolated himself and in fact he is now undergoing treatment in that hospital where he had been working in liberia given the circumstances, this doctor is doing well and is in good spirits. although there is no confirmed care for ebola, the missionaries brought back to atlanta offers helps. later this morning one of those recovered patients is scheduled to speak to reporters at a news conference at the headquarters in charlotte, north carolina. bill: jonathan, thank you.
7:28 am
heather: the president says he wants to make isis manageable. lieutenant colonel is next, but first there is karl rove earli earlier. >> these beheadings are an expression of the violence and urbanity of isis. a lot longer timeframe in which he should have acted. he should have acted after exploding onto northwestern iraq early june.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
10:31 in new york. president obama condemning the brutal execution of a second american journalist by isis. he is facing heat over the lack of a defined strategy to fight the terrorist and saying we can shrink isis to mangable size
7:32 am
rather than eliminate it. thank you, colonel. whales tomorrow and thursday and they will talk about the need to adopt a plan that applies to ukraine and vladimer putin. what about a plan for isis? what would you do? >> you know, bill, i think the best thing the president can do is get on the phone with prime minister dave cameron and ask him what to do. he has done a good job explaining to the british people and parliament what the threats are they are facing. we face the same threats, if not more, but our president hasn't stood up to tell us about it. >> so talk to david cameron and open the lines of communication. maybe they are doing that. if it were not happening, that would be a major headline. what do you say to the american people? how do you address americans turning on their tv, logging on
7:33 am
the internet or open a newspaper and see an american for the second time in 14 days a beheaded and posted online? what do you say about this barbaric event? >> for the american people paying attention, those who have seen the two innocent men beheaded over there, americans need to understand that isis wants to come to this country and do the same thing to every last man, woman and child much as they have done to men, women and children throughout parts of iraq. isis is a real threat and the sooner rather than later we will see them carry out some kind of act here in the united states. the president needs to prepare the american public. >> there was an announcement last night that the 350 more american troops are going to baghdad to protect the embassy
7:34 am
and other american interest in the capital city. there have been 120 strikes on behalf of drones and the united states air force. you call this a pin prick but it appears it is knocking isis back. >> these are nibbling at the edges. this is a minor tactical victory and important to the men and women doing them. i bet if we pulled the american fighting men and women we would find out all of them would like to see us slamming isis which is within our capabilities. but a piece here and tank here and convoy here isis isn't worried in the least. it is the leadership, the command post, the centers of communication -- those are the point we hurt isis. >> new york post writes the following quote: the president decided america was free with war in the middle east and his
7:35 am
vacuum is sucking us back in in a far worse situation than we were before. ultimately do we go back in? >> we don't want american troops going in. fire power from the air, drone or missile strikes are important. we are months behind the power curve in getting a coalition together. i think it if the president had called david cameron or other word leaders the white house would be out there talking about it and demonstrating to the public the president is doing something. >> we are not hearing those conversations it being made. we have to have other people in the fight. >> colonel, one final comment, what did you think of the word choice earlier today about
7:36 am
manging -- managing -- isis? >> we need to decimate them. we don't know what manage means. put sanctions on them? the right word is decimate. if we don't totally destroy these guys we will be hearing from them. >> he did use the word degrade and destroy. but during the american press conference he said he is going to make a it man manageable. >> destroy is a good word but not the right word. decimate is a better chose. >> thank you for being here. it turns out where you live
7:37 am
makes a big difference this med-term cycle. case in point with the louisiana senator, the three-term democrat facing a lawsuit contending she lives full time in washington and doesn't meet the requirements to represent her state. >> facing a lawsuit and a number of official challenges. the tea party challenger is leading the campaigns over the senator's residency. they filled a lawsuit claiming her permanent address is this in washington, d.c. and she doesn't officially live in louisiana. under state law you have to be a resident there to run for office. her campaign said she lives in a
7:38 am
family home on prior street with her parents. she released a statement i have lived there most of my life and live there now when not serving the state. she and her husband pay taxes in louisiana and haven't taken out a homestead exemption. she is saying this is old news. you have to admit with anti-washington sentiment running high even an old story takes on new legs >> will the challenge go anywhere? >> it is unclear at this point. 2-4 district attorneys said he filled too close to the deadline and don't have time to consider the case before the deadline expires. we have yet to hear from the other attorneys.
7:39 am
i hope to hear from them later on today. but another challenge, a separate one, is going to get its day in court. it was filled with the district court in batten rouge. republicans hope getting the word out there causes landry to suffer the same fate that the indiana senator did back in 2012 when questions about his residencey torpedo his chance to win it. >> all right. john roberts, thank you. folks watching the sky and heavy downpours led to severe
7:40 am
weather in one state. is more trouble on the way? we will find out. >> and immigration reform was on the president's front burner when summer started so what happened? our panel on why things cooled down and what the president is waiting for. >> why did he say he would do it by the end of the summer? especially if that is not what you are going to do? >> i don't have any updates in terms of the timing for presidential action. but the president is determined to act.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
got a verdict in from detroit on the porch shooter. ted wafer has received 15-30 years in jail for the killing of the unarmed teenager. wafer said he shot the 19-year-old mcbride because he
7:44 am
feared for his life. she was in a traffic accident and seeking help on the front porch of this man's house and wafer thought she proposed a threat to him. so the sentencing is in. 15-30 years in jail. second degree murder. the white house said action on immigration was coming by the end of the summer. well? summer is over and the president is back from vacation and still no action. is the president waiting until after the mid-term elections? here is what the white house is saying now. >> the president hasn't made a decision about the timing. so when we has we will have more information for you about that. but at this point the lack of clarity around timing should not in any way lead people to believe there is lack of clarity about the president's commitment to acting on this priority.
7:45 am
>> emily is the campaign direct at the center for american progress action fund and tyler harbor is a communication expert and managing partner at harden global. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> emily, starting with you, why do you think the delay, if there will be a delay? >> so i think the thing we can definitely guarantee is something will happen. the president has said he is committed to executive action for immigration. speaker boehner asked him to wait and wait to allow the house to put together a bipartisan package that didn't happen. the president did wait. it didn't happen. so i think we can guarantee we will see something from the president. he is waiting on recommendations from the homeland security and department of justice is ensure everything is on the up and up. it may be now or it may be a few weeks. we cannot deny anything that
7:46 am
happens between now and november factors into the equation. there maybe something to that. >> tyler, do you think it will happen before the mid-term elections or be delayed? >> i agree with emily. it will happen. but i think obama's administration looked at the survey and saw 63% of the nation doesn't want executive order. but i don't think that is the news point. the news point is obama and the obama administration has yet to meet a law or constitutional amendment they don't believe they can go around. this is a president who has issued executive orders to go around laws that congress is supposed to deal out. his oath is to execute laws not issue executive orders around them.
7:47 am
>> but also -- >> this is a problem. >> but also the fate of the senate could flip into republican hands with the mid-term elections so president obama and those running in the states close to call are very aware of that. >> and in some states, executive action on immigration before the election will help. mid-term elections is about base turnout so in some states it will help turnout and some states with less immigrant population it will possible hurt the democrats. but i think we have a disagreement about the fact of where the president is acting on executive action. he is stepping in where congress failed to fact. the senate passed a bipartisan immigration bill and the house won't even bring it up for a vote. after the house's package fell
7:48 am
apart, boehner said he hopes the president takes executive action and thinks the president should. so he is within the law and moving forward and everyone agrees he should move forward. some of the executives actions from the president the republicans should be applauding. like he is having the homeland security focusing on deporting those with criminal histories. >> we have been doing that for 12 years. this is a vigilante president. she said if we could not get -- he said -- congress to do what he wanted he would go around them. that is what he is doing. it is criminal and not the way the governments work or the checks and balances were put together. we have this president that if the first time he hits road
7:49 am
blocks in congress he says i am going to issue an exexecutive order and do whatever i want. >> and a number of democrats are distanceing themselves. why are they doing that? >> because he is an anchor and sagging in popularity. he is a political embarrassment. obamacare is increasing premiums across the board and hurt the families it was meant to help and disrupted voters and non-voters in a base way. it is really hurting them. it is really hurting the health of the country. he is a real problem. >> i have to let it go there. >> jon scott is coming up. "happening now" is a few minutes away. what are you working on? >> it was the news conference
7:50 am
heard around the world. mixed messages from a presidential press briefing this morning. the white house is now insisting the president's goal is destruction of isis. we have ed henry on what went down and in-depth analysis but the domestic terror threat from minnesota and the situation in ukraine and eastern europe and the red hot races for senate in alaska and louisiana. and a home depot hack ahead to tell you about. >> you know how to do everything, jon. home depot should hire you to be their lead consultant. new video going viral. incredible view from a surfer's perspecti perspective. that is cool. hop on board. hop on board. [ hoof beats ] i wish...
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not a dolland a dream. -- for just a dollar and a dream you can live in buffalo, new york. what do you get for a dollar? >> you get a nice project. you will serious sweat equity to make it work. you have to commit to fixing the code violationings in 18 months, have $5,000 in the bank, cover living cost and live there for three years. it is good investment for do it yourselfers who want to make buffalo beautiful.
7:55 am
>> it deters the investor coming in and doing cheap repairs and flipping it. >> i was dedicated to staying in buffalo so i was excited to have a space to invest time, energy and money. i knew it was a good idea >> a lot of the homes are pretty run down. the program has been around for years but is seeing an upsurge from social media. >> are they being successful? >> there are thousands of vacant homes in buffalo, not all of them qualify, but the ones that do go quickly. 8-10 homes a year are sold for a buck. when they don't make the cut they are demolished and torn down leaving a vacant lot. >> knocking a house down cost
7:56 am
$20,000. if we can sell it, we can gave the money, and improve the house with private money not public. >> some say it is worth than every penny because when all is said and done it is cheaper and they have the pride of doing the work. in detroit they have doing the same thing with fixer uppers auctioned off at $1,000. >> you have to be a bills or a lions fan, though. i know the pain. >> mixed messages from president obama on his strategy against iisis militants after a brutal video showing an excushion of a second american journalist. of
7:57 am
second american journalist.t of second american journalisio of second american journalisn of a second american journalist. of second american journalist. of second american journalissecond american journalis american journalise of a second american journalist.u of a second american journalist. of d american journalisc of a second american journalisu of a second american journalist of a second american journalisl,,
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> latest video going wild, going viral.
8:00 am
chapman riding waves in indonesia. capturing awesome footage as he rides the barrel. does it couplecouple times. the barrel is the hollow space as it waves break. >> are you a surfer? >> no you are? >> no, i'm kidding. jon: well, some seemingly conflict comments from the president about isis one day after that horrific video emerged, showing the beheading of a second american journalist. hello, i'm jon scott. >> i'm heather nauert in for jenna lee today. the white house is confirming the authenticity of that steven sotloff execution video they released yesterday. the executioner warns president obama continued airstrikes will result in more killing of western hostages. at


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